Outsourcing Services

PrimeTime provides global chemical outsourcing services for the pharmaceutical industry. We have a footprint in all major countries including North America, Europe and Asia. We work with major Chinese and Indian CROs that provide high quality products, scientific expertise, timelines, good communication and confidentiality.


PrimeTime provides guidance on a full range of products and services for every stage of the drug development process. Our chemistry CROs can assist you in your research projects and become a true partner for your outsourcing needs.

We offer:
Discovery/Medical Chemistry
IND-Early Development
Late Phase development and Launch


PrimeTime provides expertise identifying appropriate CRO for your need for toxicology, safety pharmacology, and PK/ADME studies. In addition, Primetime has experience and expertise in placing and managing the outsourcing of analysis of biological samples, and in conducting a wide range of efficacy studies.

We offer: